About Answer Fitness®

Answer Fitness® provides practical fitness advice and information on diet and nutrition, exercise , weight-loss and weight training for people who are passionate about fitness and staying in shape, regardless of their experience level.

My Goal

This is not a diet blog.

While food is major focus of Answer Fitness®, my goal is to shift people’s thinking regarding good nutrition from something that they pay attention to only when they need to Picture of Matt Cardwelllose weight, to something that they think about every day. Once you begin eating healthy, you should never have to go “on a diet” again. 

So who is this “Matt” guy and why should I listen to him?

The simple answer is that I’m one of you. I’m not a professional athlete, competitive body builder or a doctor. 

What I am,  is a “fitness nerd.”

And I wear this badge proudly.

This means I feel strongly that working out is 75% mental. 

For me, physical activity is a medititation of sorts. And I love the science of it all. The amazing ability of the body to adapt to whatever we heap on it. The chance for us to live longer, be healthier and more fit than our parents or grandparents. The physical challenge to be better than what we are drives me. 

I also want to break the stereotype that being fitness-minded means you can’t be … um … minded.

I have dual bachelors degrees in Philosophy and History from the University of Michigan. So in addition to running Answer Fitness, holding down my “day job” and working out, I also like all kinds of ”nerd” stuff like Russian Literature, WWII military history, Plato and Anatomy & Physiology.  

Finally, I don’t blog because I need income.

I do it instead, because,  like my readership, I’m passionate about eating healthy, staying in shape and passing on some knowledge.

I don’t know it all and I admit this. So I spend a lot of my free time (what I have of it), digging through scientific research to try to come up with something objective and proven that I can pass on to the people who visit my site.

My day job is interactive marketing, which means I spend a lot of my time sitting behind a computer or in a meeting room. Fitness for me is both a hobby and a necessity. Working out let’s me blow off steam, clear my mind and focus for 90 minutes each day on something other than Google algorithms or website conversion. For me, exercise and eating well are just as important as feeding your mind. I try to do all three. 

In the end, it always comes back to the basics: eat well and close-to-the-earth, exercise frequently and workout hard in the gym. There are no “magic pills” or “revolutionary” diets that can substitute for these three principles.  Period. I know it, because I’ve been there.

Answer Fitness® was inspired by my experiences as a Top Contributor to the Diet and Fitness category in Yahoo Answers.

Fitness and healthy eating seem of the surface to be very simple things, but people are perpetually confused. Between the seemingly contradictory scientific research around diet that people read online and in the news, the amazing claims of diet and supplement marketers, and the practical challenges of staying active in an increasingly sedentary society, people are looking for answers, not just hype, to stay healthy and fit.

Finally, you’ll see me talking a lot about food. Yes, I want you to eat. While it may seem counter-intuitive, you can’t lose fat without eating. But I also want to challenge the perception that a lot of people have that you can’t eat healthy and burn fat and have your meals taste phenomenal.

I actually flirted with the idea of naming this blog “No Boiled Chicken” because the idea that eating healthy requires you to consume bland foods like boiled chicken, canned tuna and brown rice drives me crazy.

I have bodybuilder friends who struggle to gag down yet another boiled chicken breast, when — with a little help – they really could be eating “clean” and enjoying their food, instead of dreading it. I want to change that.

So welcome to Answer Fitness® and say goodbye to canned tuna!

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