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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy at Eastbay

Michael Jordan had Nike. Peyton Manning had Reebok. Every great athlete represents something beyond themselves, and with Eastbay, you can do the same.

Whether you’re looking for top-notch field equipment or just workout aids you can use at home, Eastbay has you covered for sturdy, high-quality sports gear and accessories. You’ll find all your favorite brands at prices you just can’t afford to miss, and that’s before you throw in discounted shipping and exclusive loyalty offers!

Before you take your business to an inferior store, have a look at three major reasons you should shop at Eastbuy instead.


From softballs to soccer cleats, Eastbay has everything you need to shine like a winner both on and off the court. Here are just a few things you’ll find when you browse their online store:

*Sports supplies
*Training aids and exercise equipment
*Sneakers and cleats
*Sticks, shafts and bats
*Commonly used first aid equipment like braces and bandages
*Cold weather gear like hoods and compression shirts
*All your favorite brands, including Adidas, Jordans and The North Face

Eastbay Coupons

Eastbay Coupons discount code

Need more convincing? Not only does Eastbay they offer a wide selection of athletic gear and supplies, but they’ll make sure you look good, too: They sell clothes, sneakers and even customized fan gear if you’d like to show your dedication to a certain team.

Nowhere else will you find a better selection of sportswear and sports fashion in the same place. Eastbay has it all.


Eastbay believes in offering quality sports gear without breaking the bank. Not only do they have great everyday prices, but between their sales, discounts and exclusive email offers, you’ll almost never have to pay full price for anything.

Eastbay also offers their own loyalty program, one with three membership levels and added perks the higher you climb. The silver club, for example, enjoys free shipping; the gold club gets free 3-day shipping and a free catalogue subscription; the platinum club boasts free 2-day shipping, 25 percent off future purchases, an exclusive customer service phone number and much much more.

You don’t have to be a member to enjoy great service, however. You won’t even have to pay if you change your mind or decide you’re unhappy with your product! Eastbay has a generous return policy, including something they call their “fit promise” guarantee. If it doesn’t fit on the first try, you can send it back for another and they’ll cover the cost of shipping!


Eastbay began in the ’80s as a small Wisconsin shop operated by two friends and high school coaches. Tired of watching their players struggle with sub-standard gear, they went into business themselves, eventually expanding their company through America and beyond.

Today you can find Eastbay products in everything from magazines to sports blogs. You can order online or through their international mail catalogue, and you can reach trained customer service representatives by phone, email or live chats. You can also find the company all over social media with special deals and announcements, so don’t be afraid to like, tweet or tumblr them.

Above all, Eastbay is a company dedicated to the customer. They believe in making things easy for you, so they offer excellent service, affordable prices, and most importantly of all, quality products.

Not bad for two high school coaches in the Midwest!

Part of being a winner is looking like a winner. If you’re ready to fly high and leave the crowds in your dust, consider stopping by Eastbay, your one-stop-shop for premium athletic gear and sports supplies.

Eastbay Athletic Shoes

Casual Shoes, Sneakers, and Running Shoes at

Investing in the right pair of athletic sneakers helps reduce the strain on your feet and legs. No matter what sport or exercise you choose, proper footwear will keep your ankles and knees in better shape. Less wear on your joints is usually accompanied by fewer blisters as well. With the best shoes, you will cut down the recovery period between training sessions or pick-up games with your friends. All of these benefits also apply to casual sneakers and shoes. Eastbay is one of the most trusted retailers for athletic and casual shoes because they offer a range of benefits to their customers.

1. History
Eastbay was first founded as a number of shoe clinics developed in 1980. Founders Art Juedes and Rick Gering were high school football coaches who wanted to help both adult and teen athletes make better footwear choices. They soon expanded into a mail-order business, and now operate one of the largest footwear retail websites online. Over 30 years of experience allows this company to pick the best shoes available, therefore helping their customers protect their feet. Other companies lack the in-depth knowledge on foot health and protection that this retailers has at their disposal.

2. Specialized Products
While Eastbay does carry an amazing range of different types of casual and athletic shoes, each brand and model they sell is carefully chosen. The durability, support and comfort of all footwear is tested before a product is added to the website. Even specialty products like women’s baseball cleats or shoes perfect for rock climbing are sold by this company. No matter what sport or exercise you enjoy the most, Eastbay sells a pair of shoes perfect for the activity. You don’t have to settle for a pair of generic running shoes when you really need basketball sneakers.

3. Professional Quality
Many other shoe retailers offer a few popular products, but mostly cater to hobbyists and occasional sports participants. Professionals turn to Eastbay because they are one of the few large companies to sell footwear for the pros. Other sports shops for professionals only stock a handful of brands and may not offer larger sizes. Both the hobby runner and the professional sprinter can quickly find the shoes that meet their needs and their budget. Online categories also make it easy to locate both pro and consumer quality equipment without a lot of searching.

4. Information
Eastbay provides far more than just shoes. The company has built a large library of tips and tutorials for athletes in all categories. The videos and articles help players improve their times or find an edge over the competition. These tips can be found in the Athlete Resource Center on the retailer’s website. Information is included that explains the best footwear for each sport and which brands provide the best features. If you are a student athlete, you can access your team’s information in the Close the Gap program. Entering your statistics will help you determine where you stand in relation to athletes across the country.

5. Loyalty Club
Like other websites, Eastbay offers a loyalty club that allows repeat shoppers to earn rewards towards future purchases. The Eastbay Loyalty Club has a number of different levels that come with increasing benefits. The Silver Level gives you access to free standard shipping, while the Gold comes with free three day shipping. Platnium Level rewards you with the most coupons, discounts and promotions, as well as free two day shipping and unlimited free return shipping for anything you aren’t happy with. All three levels have access to an exclusive customer service line.

6. Shopping Options
Most consumers will probably choose to shop using the company’s convenient website, but it is not the only option available to you. Eastbay still produces bi-monthly catalogs with new sales and promotions available to mail-order shoppers only. There is also a customizable mobile phone application that helps you pick the best shoes and order them on the go. The app is available for free through the major app stores for each system, and you can sign up to receive the paper catalog in the mail through the website. The catalog is free and can be canceled at any time.

7. Flexible Shipping
Sometimes you find out that you need a new pair of cleats or running shoes just a few days before a big event. Eastbay is ready to help with fast, affordable and safe shipping options. Overnight and two day shipping options will have your shoes in your hands in time for the weekend. The slowest options still take less than a week to deliver. This retailer also ships across the globe, giving athletes in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Great Britain to access their unrivaled selection. UPS handles the packages for the company and ensures a speedy delivery.

8. Sizing
Finding the perfect fit is the hardest part of shopping for footwear online. Only the Internet can give you access to thousands of brands on one website, but ensuring that the shoes will be comfortable is often a challenge. Eastbay has the Fit Promise Guarantee to help their customers exchange any shoes that are a little too tight or too loose. They also have in-depth sizing information on every shoe they offer. Simply measure the indicated parts of your foot and you can pick the perfect size without trying them on.

Eastbay Shoes and Clothing
As all sports fans know, having the right apparel is essential for showing your loyalty and appreciation. Clothing is how sports fans identify each other, and it helps fans of the same team make a connection. However, sports apparel isn’t always cheap, and knockoffs are all too common when shopping online. Here are three reasons to buy your sports apparel at

Great Prices

Unfortunately, most sports clothing stores are known for their high prices. It is not uncommon to spend far more than you intended for something as simple as a hat or jersey. At, you’ll know that you’re getting the best deals available. In addition to their already low prices, offers a wide range of coupons and promotional deals that make purchasing items even cheaper. They also offer affordable shipping rates, and their fast shipping will get your items to your door in time for the big game. also offers a loyalty program. Like any collection, your sports apparel collection will never be truly complete, and continuing to shop with them will give you access to a wide range of discounts that help make your collection a bit more affordable.

Top-Notch Apparel

With more that 20,000 items in stock, has what you’re looking for. Their inventory includes shoes, workout clothing, hoodies, T-shirts and other types of clothing appropriate for a wide range of uses. They offer selections from all major sports teams, and their inventory continues to grow.

Everything they sell is officially licensed. Unfortunately, counterfeit clothing is common online, and many well-intentioned buyers find themselves purchasing illegal apparel. By sticking with, you can be assured that your purchases support your favorite team and know that you aren’t supporting counterfeiters. Officially licensed sports apparel is also made to a high standard, so you know your purchases will last regardless of where you wear them.

Wide Range of Options

Some people wear their sports apparel strictly for watching sports at home or at live games. Other choose to wear their clothing while working out or participating in amateur sporting events. Still others purchase clothing for a team. Regardless of your needs, has the clothing you need to look great.

In addition, their options are available for all levels of competition. Whether you’re looking to outfit a high school baseball team or a casual softball team, you’ll find plenty of great options to choose from. Their affordable prices also allow you to choose truly top-notch apparel without breaking the bank. If individual players will be making their own purchases, simply point them to with an email or a newsletter.

Sporting apparel differs significantly from regular clothing, and the sheer volume of options available can be overwhelming. By focusing on a single, well-organized store and choosing among what they have to offer, you can simplify the process significantly. Stop by to see how they can make your sports apparel purchasing fun and easy.

Eastbay Gear Up Your Game
If you are looking for sports gear, then you should consider visiting Socks, t-shirts, shoes and compression clothing are examples of some of the things sold on this website. You can also find sporting equipment, such as gloves, protective pads, catcher gear, eye shields, wrist guards and helmets.

Additionally, if you are looking for exercise equipment, then you will be happy to know that you can find it on this website also. Exercise balls, exercise bikes, medicine balls, yoga mats, elliptical machines and treadmills are examples of some of the exercise equipment that you can purchase on this website.

One of the many great things about shopping with is that there is no minimum order required. You can also pay a little bit more and get expedited shipping.

You have the option of joining the loyalty club when you shop with You can just the Silver Club, Platinum Club or Gold Club. If you join the Silver Club, then you will be able to get free standard shipping for one year. You will also get email promotions. You will have access to the Eastbay Silver Club members only customer service. Additionally, you will be able to get a free catalog one-year subscription.

If you join the Gold Club, then you will be able to get free three-day shipping for a year. You will also be able to get 25 percent off a future purchase. Email protections and an exclusive customer service line are some of the other perks that come along with a Gold Club membership. A free catalog one-year subscription also comes along with a Gold Club Membership.

Free two-day shipping is one of the perks of having a Platinum Club Membership. You will also be able to get free return shipping. You will be able to 25 percent off a future purchase. Other perks include a free one-year catalog subscription, exclusive customer service line and email promotions.

If you have any questions or comments about an order, then there are customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call them or email them. Keep in mind that you can check the status of your order regardless of whether or not you are registered.

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