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Five Healthy Breakfast Ideas from Answer Fitness®

A healthy breakfast can help you stay energized during the day and keep the pounds off. Try one of these healthy breakfast ideas to jump start your day.

Why make time to eat breakfast?

Because it makes good fitness sense.…

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Fad Diets: Why They Are Bad How To Spot Them

Fad diets promise miracle results, but can they really deliver? Learn the telltale signs of a fad diet and why the latest diet craze could be bad for you.

Open up a magazine, turn on the television or browse the …

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Fish Oil | Benefits and Side Effects from Answer Fitness

Hooked on The Idea of Taking Fish Oil Supplements? Before You Start, Learn About the Benefits and Potential Side Effects.

fish-oil-capsulesFish oil is on a roll.

Its difficult to open up a health or fitness magazine, browse the Internet or …

Whats the Best Tasting Protein Bar? | Protein Bar Reviews

We Reviewed and Compared Four of the Leading High-Protein Energy Bars to See Which Ones Are Tops in Taste

protein-barProtein bars have gone mainstream. No longer found solely in the bottom of bodybuilders gym bags, protein bars are now turning …

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What is Whey Protein Powder and Do I Need It?

Find Out How Whey Protein Powder Went from Dairy Underdog to Nutritional Superstar

whey-protein-powder-smoothieWhey protein seems to be everywhere.

One of the top selling (and most heavily-marketed) nutritional and sports supplements on the market today, whey protein turns up as …

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The Special K Diet – Does It Work? | Diet and Nutrition

Can Eating Special K® Cereal Really Help You Lose Weight?

bowl-of-special-k-cereal-with-strawberriesIve noticed lately on Yahoo Answers a lot of questions around the Special K diet.  Does it work? Can it help me lose body fat or weight? And more importantly, …

The Skinny on Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats

The right combination of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats is critical to reaching your diet and fitness goals. Learn how it all comes together on your plate.

You’ll often hear myself or fitness and nutrition experts discuss the importance of

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