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Why Workout Routines for Toning Fail | Fitness Tips

If your fitness goal is to get a ‘toned body’, you’ve probably been doing all the wrong things with your workout routine. Learn what “toned” really means and how you can achieve it.

It’s almost impossible to pick up a …

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Dietary Fat: Five Myths About Fat

Think eating less fat will make you thinner? Not necessarily. Answer Fitness debunks the five most common myths people have around dietary fat.

Navigating the sometimes contradictory research and information around dietary fat can make a person’s head spin. Five Myths About FatShould …

Should I Count Calories? | Diet and Nutrition

Counting calories can help you identify weak links in your diet. Learn how and when to calorie count without going crazy.

kitchen-scale-with-fruit-calorie-countingFew topics generate more debate then whether counting calories is an effective strategy for long-term fat loss.

The anti-calorie …

One Simple Trick to Stay Away From Junk Food

Staying away from junk food can be a challenge for anyone trying to eat more healthy. Try this easy trick to break the junk food junkie label.


Junk food.

Who doesnt love it?

Potato chips, candy, soda, fried foods, french …

Five Ways to Make That Glass of Water Taste Better | Diet Tips from Answer Fitness®

Try these five tricks to stay hydrated and enjoy drinking water at the same time.

Water is essential to good health, but let’s face it, compared to soda, juice, wine or beer, water is pretty … um … boring. But …