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Am I Fat? | Why Body Fat Percentage Is More Important Than Weight

Heres a Little Secret: The scale lies. Learn why you should focus on decreasing your body fat percentage, instead of just your weight.


Stepping on the bathroom scale is a daily ritual for many dieters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. After …

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How to Choose A Gym Thats Right For You

Ask yourself these nine questions to make sure youre choosing the perfect gym before you sign the contract.

working-out-on-gym-treadmillWhether you are looking to get in-shape and choosing a gym or fitness club for the first time or have a current …

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Personal Trainer: Do I Need One?

Whether you need a personal trainer depends on your experience in the gym and personal fitness goals.  Learn whether a personal trainer is right for you.

Personal TrainerWhen you think of personal trainers, you probably think of Celebrity Fit Club, …

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The Seven Healthy Habits of Highly Fit People

Adopt these seven, simple habits of really fit people and realize the benefits of a healthier body.

Ever wonder how people who always seem to be in great physical shape got that way? More importantly how


do they stay healthy, …

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How Often Should I Workout? | Fitness Tips

Workout frequency is highly individual. Learn how to find your perfect schedule and avoid over training.


How often you should work out is really a matter of your current fitness level, the types of exercises you are performing, the intensity …

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