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Am I Fat? | Why Body Fat Percentage Is More Important Than Weight

Heres a Little Secret: The scale lies. Learn why you should focus on decreasing your body fat percentage, instead of just your weight.


Stepping on the bathroom scale is a daily ritual for many dieters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. After …

What are the advantages of wearing activewear?

What are the advantages of wearing activewear?

What are the advantages of wearing activewear?

Wearing activewear can cause problems. If it’s too tight, you’re putting pressure on your body that will result in lower back pain, soreness, and more.

Get To Know The Fabric Of Your Activewear

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Weight Loss Plateau: Diagnosing & Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau

Asking yourself “How do I get out of a weight loss plateau?” Try these ten tricks to jumpstart your fat loss and get back on track.

The weight loss plateau.

It happens to everyone, regardless of their level of physical …

How to Choose A Gym Thats Right For You

Ask yourself these nine questions to make sure youre choosing the perfect gym before you sign the contract.

working-out-on-gym-treadmillWhether you are looking to get in-shape and choosing a gym or fitness club for the first time or have a current …

Personal Trainer: Do I Need One?

Whether you need a personal trainer depends on your experience in the gym and personal fitness goals.  Learn whether a personal trainer is right for you.

Personal TrainerWhen you think of personal trainers, you probably think of Celebrity Fit Club, …

The Seven Healthy Habits of Highly Fit People

Adopt these seven, simple habits of really fit people and realize the benefits of a healthier body.

Ever wonder how people who always seem to be in great physical shape got that way? More importantly how


do they stay healthy, …

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How Often Should I Workout? | Fitness Tips

Workout frequency is highly individual. Learn how to find your perfect schedule and avoid over training.


How often you should work out is really a matter of your current fitness level, the types of exercises you are performing, the intensity …

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