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Does Whey Have Casein? | Ask The Fitness Nerd

Does Whey Protein Also Contain Casein? We Sort Out The Milk Protein Mystery Once and For All.

Dear Fitness Nerd,whey-casein-on-table

I’m a little confused about whey and casein protein. Does whey also contain casein? And vice versa?  All I know

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Bodybuilding Supplements: Do They Really Work? | Ask The Fitness Nerd

Do bodybuilding supplements really work, or are they just a waste of good money? The Fitness Nerd dissects body building supplements.

Dear Fitness Nerd,

I have a question: 

I’m 41 years old, and workout 5 days a week. I use

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Muesli Recipes: Make Your Own Homemade Muesli!

Muesli is an inexpensive and flavorful way to get your daily grains. Learn how to make homemade Muesli with these five easy recipes.

Okay, it has a funny sounding name. But if you are looking for a high-energy, whole-grain food …

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Should I Eat Before Or After Exercise? | Ask The Fitness Nerd

Is it Best to Eat Before or After Exercise? Making Sense of Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Nutrition.

Dear Fitness Nerd,Fit_Woman_With_Apple_2

When should I eat? Before or after I exercise? In particular, if I’m going to wake up and workout in the

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Getting Real with Fitness Model Amanda Carrier | Female Fitness Model Interviews

Professional fitness model and actress Amanda Carrier talks with Answer Fitness about her diet and exercise routine, why she lifts heavy, looking sexy while you’re pregnant and America’s obsession with “thin at any cost.”

Amanda Carrier has a confession to …

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Why Workout Routines for Toning Fail | Fitness Tips

If your fitness goal is to get a ‘toned body’, you’ve probably been doing all the wrong things with your workout routine. Learn what “toned” really means and how you can achieve it.

It’s almost impossible to pick up a …

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Cottage Cheese

Build Lean Mass Without the Fat and Calories with One of the Dairy Group’s Super Foods

It’s 9 pm and you’re getting the those evening snack cravings. You feel like breaking out the nacho chips, but your fitness sense tell …

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Taking Protein Before Bed? When & What Kind of Protein?

When is the best time to take protein before bed? And what kind of protein should you take before you sleep?

Dear Fitness Nerd,Taking Protein Before Bed

How soon before bed should I drink protein? Right before, or a specific number of minutes

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Is Instant Oatmeal Good For You?

Is Instant Oatmeal a Good Stand-In for Old Fashioned Oatmeal, Quick Oats or Thick Rolled Oats? You Might Be Surprised At The Answer.

Dear Fitness Nerd,instant-oatmeal-in-spoon

I dont mind oatmeal, but Im kind of rushed in the morning and preparing

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Whats The Best Time to Drink Protein Shakes?

When should you drink a protein shake? Today we tackle the question of whats the best time to reach for that protein shake.


Dear Fitness Nerd: Stawberry_Protein_Shake

Ive read a lot about the benefits of protein shakes, especially when it

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