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8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Supplement, Exercises & Fitness Equipment at 

Bodybuilding is no longer a niche hobby that only men enjoy. People of all genders, ages and backgrounds have begun to embrace terms like bulking. Most bodybuilders use a combination of the right exercises, special weight lifting equipment and supplements to achieve their goals. Some people prefer a sculpted but lean look, while others go all the way to giant, rippling muscles. No matter where you fall between the two extremes, you need a good source for your bodybuilding supplies. Finding one great source for everything you need saves you a lot of time on shopping around. has low prices on everything they sell, allowing to purchase everything you need in one order. There are eight other terrific reasons to pick this online retailer for your bodybuilding supplies.

1. Popularity
With most retailers, popularity alone is not a sufficient reason to shop with them. offers unique benefits due to their #1 rank among online sports nutrition retailers. After having served over 10 million customers since 1999, the company has secured a number of contracts with supplement and equipment manufacturers. These contracts allow the company to pass great savings on to their customers. Smaller retailers have to purchase their stock in smaller amounts and at a higher cost. High volume of sales also means constant stock rotation, ensuring everything you purchase that comes with an expiration date will be good for years.

2. Online Fitness Community
Great retailers offer you more than just products. has built the Internet’s largest fitness and body shaping community in just over 10 years. The forums at the company’s website have thousands of regular contributors. Professional competitors, doctors, personal trainers and beginners all share information and urge each other to work even harder. The Supplements discussion area alone has over 8 million messages. Even if you don’t want to participate, searching the past discussions will give you access to plenty of information. Everyone is welcome to join the discussions and share their experiences. Many other online bodybuilding forums give newcomers a hard time, but moderators at the company’s community discourage this. Contests and competitions come with big prizes for winners who bulk the most or share their stories of success and failure.

3. Free Information
Buying exercise videos and books about techniques are a great way to learn about body building. However, wants everyone to be able to access the information they need to reach the next level. If you would rather spend more money on equipment and supplements, the massive library of exercise information at the company’s website is a great help. Videos make it easy to follow along with a new lifting technique or fat-burning workout. Exercises are outlined in special tutorials, with clear photographs of each step to avoid injury. There are also specialized articles covering how teenagers, men and women can each use their specific body chemistry to maximize their results.

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4. Nutrition
Many body building retailers focus specifically on herbal or hormonal supplements designed to trick your body into bulking up your muscle mass. However, many of the gains delivered by these products fade away as soon as you stop taking them. Eating correctly is a major component of fast and permanent muscle definition development. provides plenty of information on how to eat right while burning fat or bulking up. As new information is discovered through research, they update their dietary recommendations. Their nutrition library also discusses how supplements interact with certain diet plans and the best ways to make the most of protein.

5. Custom Recommendations
Since has access to such a large database of information, they are capable of making customized plans for each customer. Creating an account gives you access to recommendations for new workout routines, appropriate supplements and exciting equipment. Your account offers the benefits of a personal trainer without the extra cost. The recommendations are based on information you input like your age, current weight, body building goals and gender. A 60 year old man that wants better abdominal definition will need a radically different system than a 20 year old woman who just needs to shed a few extra pounds.

6. Fast Shipping
Any retailer can package your order quickly, but only companies with multiple shipping points can actually speed up transit times. has three different shipping headquarters in three distinct regions. The Midwest location in Idaho ensures that west coast customers get their order within a day or two, while southern gym enthusiasts have their orders shipped from Florida. Every package is sent out from the shipping depot nearest your address. The company also only uses Priority Shipping or UPS Ground, ensuring that your package will arrive within 1 to 3 days. Free shipping is nearly constantly available if you meet a certain minimum purchase amount.

7. Innovation
Each week a new laboratory or scientific team claims to have discovered a miracle supplement that melts fat and builds muscle while you eat potato chips and sit on the couch. While no such miracle substance has ever held up in real life testing, there are plenty of supplements that have been proven to boost your fitness efforts. maintains a perfect balance of adding new products while carefully avoiding those that are obviously frauds. They only add supplements and exercise equipment that comes from trustworthy manufacturers and is backed up with honest data. This helps protect their customers from passing fads.

8. BodySpace

Aside from their massive forum community, has a free social networking system called BodySpace. This community exists as a way for newcomers and veterans alike to track their progress and chart their goals. By sharing this information, you can develop a team of supporters who urge you onward when your motivation wanes. Members who show remarkable dedication and improvement are highlighted and often receive discounts or gift certificates for purchasing their favorite supplies. Groups allow people pursuing similar goals to share their experiences and knowledge.

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There are lots of websites to go to for those who are looking to lose weight and get in shape, but one of the best and more popular is The site gives users everything they need to start building muscle, eating right, and exercising properly. Best of all, all this information can be found for free.

When visitors first enter, they will be presented with the best supplement products, exercise plans, recipes, and other tools that can be used to achieve their dream body. Those who are visiting the website for the first time may also choose to click the “Find A Plan” button which will begin the process of matching individuals to a custom made exercise plan based on their desires.

Unlike other websites which assume everyone is after the same results, gives users an opportunity to have a more personalized plan. Once users navigate to the “Find A Plan” section of the site, they’ll be asked a series of questions regarding their body type, goal and age. Users will then be presented with several custom made plan with these exact goals in mind. Users can then view each plan and decide which one they feel will best fit their lifestyle. Once a plan has been selected, users can begin getting into shape.

The reason that is such a great website is because their exercise plans give users everything they need to get the results they want. This includes a list of exercises, meal plans, shopping lists, recommended supplements, and even motivational emails that are sent out every week to keep users morale up. While there are a lot of experienced body builders who use the website, that’s not a requirement at all. Anyone from a teenager to a new mother can use because of how simple the website is.

Learning exercises through a website can be extremely difficult though, especially if users have never seen the moves before. Rather than trying to explain all these exercises in text, has set up dozens of video training guides, which are called LiveFit.

There are different LiveFit videos depending on which exercise plan is chosen. For example, women who are looking to cut down on fat after a pregnancy may choose to use Jamie Eason’s LiveFit training program which is specially designed to tone the body and burn fat. On the other hand, men who are looking to bulk up and gain muscle mass are more likely be paired up with Kris Gethin’s LiveFit program. Regardless, these LiveFit videos can be watched daily so users can learn what exercises they need to be doing in order to see results.

There are 3-LiveFit phases which, when combined, last a total of 12 weeks. In that time, users are guaranteed to see the results they want as long as they follow the directions given by their video trainers. Even better, only uses exercise and meal plans that have been shown to work long term. This means that, even at the end of the 12 week period, users will find it extremely easy to maintain their new bodies.

Unfortunately, as anyone who wants to build muscle already knows, working out and eating right is only half the battle. To get ripped results quickly, users are going to have to use natural supplements to help their body along. knows this and that’s why they offer all the top products directly from their website.

When users start their LiveFit training, they’ll be given a list of supplements that have been proven to help the user’s individual body plan. The supplements vary depending on the age, body type, and desired results, but can easily be ordered with just a few clicks of a mouse. This is also the only thing users will have to pay for. The training videos, meal plans, motivational tips, and nearly everything else found on the site are completely free. The supplements aren’t required either, they simply boost results quicker.

Users who do decide to purchase these items will get the satisfaction of knowing that they’re getting the cheapest deals around as has been praised for their low prices. Those who live in America or Canada can also expect to get their orders extremely quickly as the website knows just how important these supplements can be during training. The website also ships to other countries, but it may take longer for these items to arrive. Fortunately, the website also offers several shipping speeds for those who are impatient.

Overall, is one of the top websites for those who are looking to tone or bulk up. The programs found on are intense, but this is because the website promises to transform even the most out of shape individuals in just 12 weeks. The website is not recommended for those who are simply looking for a quick way to lose a few pounds, but rather users who are serious about getting and maintaining the body of their dreams.

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