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Wolfgang Puck All-Natural No-Stick Cooking Spray | Healthy Food of the Day

Love the flavor of butter, but not the saturated fat and calories that come along with it? Try these butter-flavored non-stick cooking sprays.

Wolfgang PuckThe next time youre in the baking isle at the grocery store, check out Wolfgang Pucks Butter-flavored All-Natural No-Stick Cooking Spray.

I always keep at least one can of this around (usually right on top of my range) for those times when I need to add a little butter flavor to a dish or need some healthy fat to make the perfect omelette orfrittata.

Why butter-flavored canola oil?

First, canola oil contains heart-healthy Omega 3s, is high in healthy unsaturated fats (93 percent), is free of cholesterol and trans fat, and has the lowest saturated fat (7 percent) of any common cooking oil.

Also, because the oil is in a spray form, you tend to use less of it than when its liquid. So a 1/3 second spray (0.25 grams) of non-stick cooking oil, for all practical purposes, has zero calories and zero fat.

Obviously, the longer you spray it, the more calories you add, but even if you sprayed it for 6 seconds (which is quite a bit of time), youd still only be adding around 46 calories and 4 grams of fat to your dish.

The oil also tastes great and contains natural butter flavor (no artificial flavorings which you may find in other butter flavored sprays), so it adds a nice richness to your food.

But you dont need to limit your use of non-stick cooking sprays to coating your pan when making egg-white omelettes. There are dozens of other interesting uses, including:

  • sauteing, stir frying and grilling (spray it right on steaks and salmon filets for a little butter flavor and GREAT grilll marks)
  • basting and browning meats, poultry and fish
  • use it as a finishing oil on veggies (spray it on just before serving.)
  • toast, english muffins, whole-grain bagels and high-fiber muffins (give em a quick spray for tasty butter flavor and add a sprinkling of sea or kosher salt to amp things up)
  • eggs – a great finish to canola fried eggs
  • Popcorn my personal favorite.  Coat microwave or air-popped popped corn with a couple quick sprays of non-stick cooking spray and salt and pepper  or even better, a little seasoned salt. This makes amazing, tasty, and buttery,  popcorn without the usual fat and calories.

If your grocer doesnt carry Wolfgangs no-stick cooking spray, dont fret. There are a number  of other natural non-stick cooking spray options, including, Mazola Pure Cooking Spray and  All-Natural PAM® Butter Flavored non-stick spray, as well as organic options like Spectrum Naturals Non-Stick Organic Olive Oil Spray.

So the next time your tempted to reach for the butter, consider instead reaching for the butter-flavored non-stick spray. Your waist-line will thank you and so will your heart.


  1. gemma (1 comments) Says:i love watching your cooking. so easy, healthy and you use fresh ingredients. will always check your new recipe online and cook it to my family. good luck and more power to you.
  2. Michael Eliades (1 comments) Says:

    I also hate those calories and fats on my butter. I might try this one the next time I do my grocery shopping. Thanks

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    We love good food suggestions and cooking tips. Great product that is worth talking about. Thansks,

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    Wolfgang Puck All-Natural No-Stick Cooking Spray | Healthy Food of the Day

    Article about healthy canola oil, specifically Wolfgang Pucks non-stick butter-flavored oil, as an addition or substitute to butte or oils high in saturated fat.

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