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What Are MUFAs?

Whats a MUFA? The Fitness Nerd explains what this funny acronym means and why MUFAs are suddenly the rage among dieters.

What Are MUFAs?

Dear Fitness Nerd:

What are MUFAs? I keep hearing people talk about them, but I still havent quite figured

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Negative Calorie Foods: Fact or Fiction?

Are Negative Calorie Foods for Real or Just A Bunch of Diet Hot Air? The Fitness Nerd Separates Fact from the Fiction Around Negative Calorie Diets.

Negative Calorie FoodsDear Fitness Nerd,

Whats your opinion on negative calorie foods? Ive read that certain

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Creatine and High Blood Pressure

Can Creatine increase your blood pressure? The Fitness Nerd takes a closer look.

Hello Fitness Nerd,

I was inquiring into the possible connection between creatine use, and high blood pressure. 

I had been using creatine for about 4 weeks, not

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